Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rise and Shine, It's Shopping Time

I've never partaken in the Black Friday shopping craze, but this year I found a really great alternative!! Some local artists (around 50 to be precise) are hosting a craft fair/ vintage flea market downtown today.  I think this will be an awesome way to cure my retail needs while avoiding the crowd of 35,000 already lined up at one of our major malls (and we have 3!!).  I understand the need to shop like the next person, but still 35,000 at midnight!! That is true dedication! I can't share what I'm planning on buying at the market because frankly I just don't know whats there, I can show you some things I already picked up this season!!

Steve Madden
Don't worry it's faux!!! And completely warm and fun to wear!

Ebay (Mines D&Y from Von Maur and it's grey)

I'm told I look like a hippie with the earband and fur vest, but I promise I will not wear them at the same time!!

In closing here is a great link I found to help all of you who are braving the jungles out there for Black Friday.  It lists all of the major deals and tells you which ones are real deals, and which are fakes that can be bought elsewhere for cheaper! Best and worst deals.

Happy Hunting

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