Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Retail Theraphy

Yesterday was rather difficult, but you know what they say "when times get tough the tough go shopping"... Okay maybe I changed it a little bit! Here are some things I found that made my gloomy day a little happier!

Marc Jacobs $3
These rings combine two things I adore; Latin and Marc Jacobs!!! And at $3 I think I would buy all of them!

Forever 21 $34.80

These boots are great... I have absolutely no idea what I would ever wear them with, but as soon as I figure that out I'll snap them up!

Cashmere, J Crew $198

There's something about throwing on my favorite hoodie that always makes me feel better.  If my favorite hoodie also happened to be cashmere I think I would feel awesome!!

Kiehls $18.50

And when all else fails a good bubble bath always makes me smile!!
  Hope your day is going great, or if it's not that this made it a little brighter!

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