Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Frozen Fingers

After combating chapped hands and frozen fingers all day, I've determined that it is in fact mitten weather.  At first this discovery made me happy because I could pull out my cashmere Coach mittens that I bought last season (only $20 at the outlet, talk about a great deal!!), but then I sadly remembered that I had left them at home and they have a hole in them that still needs to be repaired.  So if mitten surgery doesn't go well here are some replacements I'm considering. 
Coach $80

Etsy $35

Kate Spade $65

And of course you can't have a mitten worthy day without a steaming hot cup of cocoa.  Lately I've been loving the Coldstone powdered cocoa.  It would be a perfect gift if paired with some of these great mugs.

Etsy $30

Mood Mugs

Have a great Tuesday! Stay warm!

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