Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sick of Sweats

Although I have essentially become a hermit, never leaving the study lounge except for food and classes, I still feel somewhat obligated to look presentable.  I used to attempt to study in my jeans and nice sweaters, but sitting in jeans for hours on end results in two problems 1.) it's incredibly uncomfortable 2.) by the time you stand up your jeans have stretched two sizes bigger and the knees are baggy.  Then I switched to studying in sweats and t-shirts, but that's just embarrassing when people stop by, and if you need to run out to grab something you lose precious time changing into more presentable clothes.  It's taken four years but I think that I have finally found the perfect comfortable yet presentable study outfit. 

H & M
An extra long button up cardigan. It's long enough to be a dress, but comfy enough to spend hours in. 


Leggings, as comfy as sweatpants but much less I just rolled out of bed.  (Make sure that the sweater is long enough to come past your rear to avoid the leggings as pants phenomena.)
Layer your favorite cotton v neck underneath, and you are ready to study in style.  Now if only senior comprehensive exams were this easy...

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