Monday, December 20, 2010

And We're Back

It's been awhile, but I figured that studying for finals and moving home took top priority over posting. Never fear though, now that I'm back the posts should be more regular, especially with the help of my new favorite toy! This past week my dad acquired a brand new Apple iPad. While I originally had my doubts about the thing, it's actually pretty cool. Here is my personal pro and cons list:

Great screen quality. The screen might even be better than my computers! It makes it easier to see the real color of products when you are shopping online, which is usually a problem when shopping on a normal computer.

The Internet works really fast, much faster than my Blackberry. I know that the iPad is on wireless and the Blackberry is on the wireless network, but it still cleans my phones clock.

Design, what we you expecting this is a fashion blog, the design looks really sleek and modern. I have to admit I'm not the biggest Mac fan but they rally did a good job with this one, it's sleek and fits welling most of my day purses.

Marc by Marc Jacobs makes an awesome iPad case (seriously who doesn't love a reason to buy ore Marc Jacobs).

Typing is kind of difficult to get used to. If you're trying to type vertically the keys are just small enough to make it difficult to hit the right letters if you try and type on it like a normal computer, which made me try to type on it like my Blackberry and just use my thumbs. Unfortunately my hands were too small to do this effectively. If you flip it horizontally it's easier to type normally like a computer but it's kind of difficult because you can't rest your fingers on the keyboard without it resulting in something that looks like this afjdfk
Jadaldkjnffaljsnkd... I suppose that you could buy an external keyboard, but at that point you should probably invest in a laptop.

You can't edit the font type or color for your blog posts... Which is the reason that this post is not in my normal arial grey!

A little heavy. It doesn't seem too heavy at first but when you've been rummaging arou d the blogosphere for a couple of hours you're wrists start feeling the weight. Or you could put it on the table and look down all the time, but then you have to answer to your chiropractor when you start looking like a hunched over old lady!!

Overall the iPad is pretty cool, I'm not sure yet whether or not I. Recommend it but I'll get back to you soon! Until the here are some great accessories.

Marc by Marc Jacobs iPad Case
Happy Monday!

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