Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh We Need A Little Christmas

After surviving senior comprehensive exams, I have found myself in the middle of Christmas party season (I had two this weekend already!). After the test I was able to relax at our annual drumline Christmas party. It was great being able to spend some fun time with my fellow drummers before I graduate in two weeks. My roommates and I decided to through our party last night.  Everything went off really great.  We had lots of food, friends, games, ugly sweaters, and a new twist on the old white elephant gift exchange. The only thing that could have made it better was if we had some treat bags! Do you remember when you would go to parties in grade school and leave with a treat bag, well I think it'd be fun to do at an adult party too.  Furthermore, it would also double as a Christmas present and cut down on holiday shopping.  Here is what I would put in my treat bags

Fred Flare $12 for set

Fred Flare $10

Target $6.99 Lady Antebellum Christmas Album
Homemade Recipe here

I think these three paired together with some homemade truffles would make awesome treat bags!  Enjoy your party planning, I'm working on a holiday gift guide to post soon!

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