Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New Layout!

Don't worry the new layout is not permanent! I'm experimenting with new layouts until I find one that I really like and that allows the text to show up clearly. But I digress, Happy New Year!! I'm not a resolution maker, but it seems to be the unspoken blog rule that I have to post some sort of resolution today, so I decided to take a page out of Charlie Brown's book and post his:

"Keep the ball low, don't leave your crayons in the sun, use dental floss every day, don't spill the shoe polish, always knock before entering, don't let the ants get in the sugar, never volunteer to be a program chairman, always get your first serve in, and feed your dog whenever he's hungry."

According to Charlie if you do these you'll have a happy life and a fat dog.  The one thing that I am determined to do this year is to write more letters, so I'm going to invest in some personalized note cards.  Here is one of the options: (obviously personalized, for those of us who's name is not Mallory!)

I love how simple and classic the card looks! Hope you had a great New Years

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