Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cupcake Friday!!

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 As those close to me know, lately I have been on a cupcake kick. While this would be normal for most people, I don't like cake, never have. I attribute my new love for cupcakes to our local bakery which has amazing almond raspberry cupcakes.  In the spirit of new years resolutions I have had to limit myself to only buying one cupcake every Friday, hence the title Cupcake Friday (which has replaced Marshmallow Milkshake Monday until the weather warms up).  All of this thinking about cupcakes is motivating me to make some cupcakes of my own, here are some cute accessories to aide in the baking process.

Wilton $9.99 (silly feet cups)
Ice Cream Cone Cup Cake Pan Amazon $32
Wilton Silver Sprinkles (Currently Sold Out)

Enjoy your Cupcake Friday!!

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