Thursday, April 28, 2011

Well it's been a while since I've put out a post, but I thought that this blog crawl was a great way to get started!! In honor of the royal wedding, Breakfast at Toast is hosting a blog crawl! We are supposed to put together a wedding themed post. So here is my idea of the dream wedding.

Theme: Classic with a Rustic Touch

The Ring
I love yellow diamonds! They are unique and and the color adds some unexpected fun.  Added Bonus: It's unlikely that any of your friends will end up with the same ring style as you.  I love the design of this ring but I would have preferred that the yellow diamond and the diamonds around it were in an oval or circle shape, but unfortunately I couldn't find a ring that fulfilled that criterion.

The Dress

Etsy via

I love the shape and style of this dress. The lace is very classic, but the high neck, trumpet cut, and ribbon make it a little more modern. I also like that it has a little bit of a train in the back.
The Shoes

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It wouldn't be an Urban Cowgirl wedding without the boots!! I know some people have huge objections to cowboy boots at a wedding, but I am not one of those people.  I think they look cute and add a personal touch to the ceremony and reception.

The Tux

Our elegant tuxedo is impeccably tailored in pure wool for a luxurious drape. Satin-covered buttons. Full Bemberg lining. Dry clean. Made in the USA.
Brooks Brothers
For some reason I have never been a huge fan of vests with wedding tuxedos.  I think that it can appear "prom-like".  Therefore I would choose a classic tux with black cummerbund, bow tie, and button covers.

Bride's Maids


 My ideal wedding would be a classic black and white wedding with pops of yellow.  I like these bridesmaid dresses because they are a classic silhouette that would look good on most bridesmaids.  It's also a dress that they could wear after the wedding, which is always appreciated!

Reception Venue

This barn would be a gorgeous place to have a wedding reception. The high ceilings are amazing, and the strings of lights in the rafters make creates great ambiant light.  I also like the fact that there is a dance floor complete with disco ball! Unfortunately it is also on a different continent than I am.  Oh well!

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The benefit of the barn reception is that there isn't a whole lot of decorating left to do, with exception to the centerpieces.  For centerpieces I would do silver and black cakestands with wedding cupcakes, instead of cake!

The (Cup)Cakes
The Knot
I'm not really a cake person, but I love cupcakes.  I realize that this doesn't make sense.  But these cakes are adorable, and they fall into the black., white, and yellow theme!


Image Via

Thse adorable little flowers are called Billy's Buttons.  I think that they add just the right amount of color for the tuxedos, and they seem to be pretty sturdy which is good for a boutonniere, due to the insane amount of hugging that takes place at weddings.

Image Via
For bouquets I love Gerbera daises. Actually for flowers in general I love Gerbera daises. I thought the mixture of white and yellow was pretty because against the black dresses it would really bring out the black, white, and yello theme.

Guest Favors
Organic Lavender Sachet - Cerise Heart
Etsy Via
I always think it's really classy when the bride and groom have small gifts for the guests in attendance.  These are little lavender sachets. They really add to the rustic element, and are really useful!!

I hope you enjoyed my Urban Cowgirl styled wedding! Enjoy the royal wedding (if you were able to drag yourself out of bed in time!!) and stay posted for my first ever foodie post coming up soon!


  1. Love it. While I could never ever pull off the cowboy boots {I am from LA} I LOVE them. Saw so many cute pics when working on my wedding posts and fell in love. I may have to devote a post to this soon. :)

  2. so many great ideas! i love the idea of cupcakes and a YELLOW diamond! so pretty. the dress you picked is gorgeous too! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams